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Scrap Your Car in Wolverhampton

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If you need to scrap a car and you reside in Wolverhampton, MJ Recovery can come out, collect your car and pay you a generous fee within hours. MJ are based in Coventry and are able to come out and collect cars for scrapping to within a 60-mile radius of their main site, and one of the most popular areas they come out to is Wolverhampton. To get started fill out a quote form below or just call us on 08000 778 328 or 07766 540 401 and we will tell you within minutes what we can pay you, which is up to £400!

Car heavily damaged? Doesn’t matter

If your car is an insurance company write off, has failed its MOT, or is damaged from an accident beyond repair, we will still accept it as we pay for the weight of scrap metal we can get rather than whether all parts are intact.

Offering great value on Scrap Cars

  • The prices we offer for scrap cars are based on the weight of the car, so as a result we can pay you more than a typical Scrap Yard
  • The more cars we scrap the more we can offer you, and we scrap a lot of cars. We work to quantity-related rates, so the more we scrap, the higher the rates we get and in tern offer to you, the customer.
Note: Due to a legislation amendment to the Continuous Insurance Enforcement Law, from 20th June 2011, ALL vehicles must be insured. This will include vehicles on driveways and cars kept in garages that have not been declared SORN. Why keep paying the cost of insurance?!

The Procedure

We offer an easy, quick way to scrap your car by using our quote form, emailing us or calling up.

  • You would first describe your vehicle to us we will provide you with an exact quote there and then.
  • We then arrange a convenient time for us to collect your vehicle, which would be anytime in the week between 8am-8pm, and 9am-4pm weekends.
  • The vehicle would then be removed by licensed waste carriers via a recovery truck
  • The vehicle will then be disposed in an environmentally-friendly method (de-polluted of all fuel and liquids and tyres removed)
  • The remaining metal is then crushed and recycled

The Legalities

We ensure all of your legal duties are made very simple so that your car is taken off the DVLA database.

You will need to:

  • Complete the V5 document (log book) as the seller of the car – completing the “Sale to Motor Trade or Dismantler” section.
  • Then send your section to DVLA. We recommend you make a photocopy of the form.

We will:

  • Complete the V5 document (the ‘log book) as the purchaser of the car.
  • Give our section of the V5 form as the purchaser to the ATF (Approved Treatment Centre). The ATF then immediately removes your vehicle from the DVLA database
  • If requested, a Certificate of Destruction is available once the car has been scrapped.

We are still able to buy a vehicle without a V5 document, but the responsibility of informing the DVLA is solely with the registered keeper of the car and failure to do so may result in a penalty.

The DVLA will not agree to take the purchasers request to scrap a car without a V5.

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